Colorado Springs, CO

Current Organizers

Justin Hein

Justin is an entrepreneur, UCCS student, Catalyst Campus employee and community leader. He loves helping others, optimizing systems, and drinking coffee. Visit to learn more about him!

Dustin Kunkle

Dustin is Program Manager for Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center & thrives on supporting entrepreneurs/small biz. He owned a startup in China, helped develop a local coffee shop, & loves the vibrant COS community.

Kenneth Guentert

Ken Guentert has been in publishing for four decades. He has directed the editorial, production, and marketing functions. Today he helps people self-publish their stories through his business, The Publishing Pro, LLC

Mark Tegtmeier

Mark Tegtmeier is a UX designer and front-end developer involved in the Colorado Springs startup ecosystem. With a background in branding and marketing design, web app startups and non-profits, he now owns UX agency Studio Forza.

James Wieker

We help our clients identify areas they are unknowingly and unnecessarily transferring their hard-earned wealth to others, and then incorporate time-tested and trusted strategies to accelerate their dreams and goals.