Caffeinate Your Community

Interested in bringing 1 Million Cups to your community?

1 Million Cups organizing team perks:

  • Engagement with local startups
  • Connection to an entrepreneurial global network
  • Acquisition of the 1 Million Cups Organizer Playbook
  • Participation in Kansas City Organizer Summit
  • Coaching of 1 Million Cups startup presentations
  • Personal brand and business knowledge growth
  • Connecting entrepreneurs with the broader community
  • Acquire skills in the management of digital resources (website, mobile application, social media tools)

Step 1: Attend

All 1 Million Cups Community Organizers must attend a 1 Million Cups event prior to launching the program. You'll get the best sense of the full experience by attending a nearby event. When you attend the event, introduce yourself to one of the local community organizers and ask questions to learn more about the program. If one isn't available, you can watch via Livestream an existing event.

Step 2: Organize

A team

  • Recruit and build a team of 4-¬≠5 entrepreneurs
  • Teams > 5 members have more difficulty managing tasks and people

Look for:

  • 75% of the team are entrepreneurs.
  • Diversity
  • Connected in the community
  • Availability (min 3.5 hours a week)

Skills / Abilities:

  • Social Media
  • Loves technology
  • Engaged / connected, etc.
  • Outgoing, etc.

A venue

Look for:

  • Location, location, location
  • Space that is neutral and inclusive
  • Consider the parking

Examples of great venues include:

  • Coffee shops
  • Neutral co¬≠working spaces
  • Universities / colleges
  • Renovated building, loft or gallery
  • Library

A/V Equipment

A/V equipment when necessary.

A Coffee Sponsor

A local coffee sponsor or supplier.

Community Interest

Interest / participation in your local community of entrepreneurs.

  • Identify 52 startups (a year's worth) and start building a spreadsheet
  • Reach out to these startups to gauge interest (aka: get to know your customer first)