Cedar Rapids / Iowa City, IA

Douglas Cloven Art

I paint portraits, large and small, of people I have a connection with. They may be family members, they may be family members of friends who submit a photo, and they may be strangers who have made a profound impact on the world around us.

Inland Sea

Inland Sea has access to the full suite of technologies, systems, and know-how needed to construct and operate one of the most technologically advanced, highly automated recirculating grow-out tank systems in the world. Multiple salmon production...


Ridesharing service for Iowa's Creative Corridor. Vanpool and carpool matching services for Benton, Cedar, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn and Washington Counties, and an express bus service between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids to launch in 2018.

Helix Academy

Helix Academy provides online classes, giving students the ability to learn from world class instructors. Instructors in their field teach their content in an 8 week format, providing both information and application in their specific niche.


Simplified Communication Solutions Our technologists educate small to medium sized businesses and help streamline communication solutions.


A web and mobile food ordering platform that is customer service centric. Our tagline says it all...delivery done by locals, not by corporations.