Reno, NV


A leggings company that incorporates bamboo fabric, with pockets for protective inserts.

Tahoe Trail Bar

The Tahoe Trail Bar is a vegan, gluten-free energy bar company born in Lake Tahoe CA. Our mission is to connect people with the outdoors by providing great tasting fuel for the journey.

Sugar Love Chocolates

Sugar Love Chocolates is a high end, French inspired chocolate company with its first store opening in Reno, Nevada.

The Couch Catcher

My husband and I are the owners/Inventor's of The Couch Catcher, a kit that goes under the cushions of your couch and prevents items from getting lost into the no man's land of the inner workings of your couch.

Adams Hub for innovation

Our state-of-the-art incubator is a hub for knowledge-sharing, networking and learning. From educational tools and business services, to our cohort of mentors, we enable entrepreneurs to launch, grow and accelerate the success of their startup.