St. Paul, MN

Nymbl Technologies

Nymbl is developing mobile productivity and business management tools for the professional fitness industry

Mademoiselle Miel

Beekeeping Chocolatier featuring St Paul rooftop honey, locally sourced maple sugar and organic single origin cacao in beautiful bon-bons and bars.


We are a gamification company that is putting out its first product with a working title of Chefd. It's a gamified, social cooking mobile application in the vein of Goodreads that enables users to track and share their cooking progress.

SheerWind, Inc.

SheerWind technology turbo-charges wind speeds to generate clean energy anywhere. The technology captures, concentrates, and accelerates wind in a funnel to increase its speed and harvest energy from multiple turbines housed safely near the ground.

Kobara Medical, Inc

Kobara Medical, Inc is an early stage cardiac rhythm management medical device company in Minnesota addressing a $1+B opportunity with a new epicardial lead solution that interfaces with the latest pacemakers to treat heart failures and arrhythmias.

Aligned Operations

We provide operations and management solutions. Our focus is on documenting the organization, develop meaningful analytics, and evolving the organization through strategic efforts.