St. Paul, MN


Tinua is a tech startup developing a digital platform and mobile application to allow users to donate unused and unwanted gift card funds toward charitable causes. Every year, more than $1 billion in gift card funds go unused and unredeemed. Tinua...

Redhead Creamery

We milk 180 cows on our cen­tral Min­nesota family dairy farm, and flow the milk directly to our cheese plant as cows are being milked. Our Ridicu­lously Good Cheese Curds are dis­trib­uted all over Min­nesota and our Lucky Linda Aged Farm­house C...


Our goal is to inspire people to explore, promote, and preserve Minneapolis parks. We sell print-on-demand, parks-themed merchandise and stage an annual poster show. 50% of all profits are donated to support MPLS parks.

How to Babysit

Mission: Raise up entrepreneurs by teaching them life and business skills in their first venture. How to Babysit offers video tutorials, an app and free workshops.