Aberdeen, SD

Current Organizers

Katie Washnok

CEO, Secretary, ProjectManager & ChiefMailroomAttendant at: BlackoutMotors, BlackoutMedia, BlackoutIndustries & AdrenalineSupplyCO. James’ wife. Jett’s Mom. Proud S.Dakotan. Serial Entrepreneur. Community Involvement enthusiast.

Justin Fraase

Director of Communications and Marketing with experience in higher ed and hospitality. Skilled in Management, Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing. Degrees in communication and business from North Dakota State University.

Bea Smith

Director of Membership and Events - Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce - Proud Dakotan, Challenge Seeker, and Community Engagement Pioneer

Katherine Grandstrand

I'm the education reporter at the Aberdeen American News. I get to meet a lot of neat people because of my job. In my free time, I like cooking and baking, but I'm not a huge fan of the clean up.