Albany, NY

Customer Discovery Pros

Voice of the Customer coaching, consulting and market research / insights / customer feedback services. We help you attract investors and get user feedback to develop a profitable business model - increasing traction, sales revenue and company value.

Glasswater Angling

Glasswater Angling LLC (formerly Glasswater Lead Free Lures) is an innovative outdoor company with a focus on fishing the lead free way. Our commitment is to exceptional fishing tackle that gives our customers fishing success and "a Better Outdoors"

Catapult Games

Catapult Games is a Schenectady, NY based software development company. We focus on virtual reality and the gamification of learning. Find out how we can improve your business!


We're fighting misinformation with our interactive Nutrition Labels for News. Attached to all news and content online, the labels make it easier for anyone to make a quick determination between real and junk news and content.