Albuquerque, NM

Current Organizers

Eric Renz-Whitmore

I'm a community builder, connector and economic development guy. I like bringing great talented people together to make things happen!

Sonja Dewing

I'm a freelance Technical Writer, CEO of Plot Duckies (creative events for creative writers), and author of Feed Your Creative Writer.

Paul Szauter

I am the Chief Scientific Officer of EquiSeq, a company that develops and sells genetic tests for horses. In March 2017, I became one of the organizers for 1 Million Cups in Albuquerque.

Lisa Adkins

Using my WOO to connect and network. Consummate supporter of entrepreneurs and startups.

Charles White

I help businesses create or refine their B2B sales process and build out CRM systems for them. Also owner of Night Out Cards, the card game for adventurous people who want more out of their nightlife.