Amarillo, TX

Current Organizers

Brittny Lee

Brittny Herbert is a graduate of West Texas A&M University. She is the WT Enterprise Center Program Manager and is responsible for managing programs, trainings, events and oversees the coworking program and client engagement.

Jim Belcher

Advisor to Owners of Privately-owned Businesses | Providing CFO Services to privately-held companies. My mission is to help the owners of privately-held businesses reach their goals by removing barriers that get in the way.

Tracy Shea

I believe entrepreneurship is the best way to develop financial independence for yourself & your family; it is also one of the best ways you can have a positive impact on your community. Build your business, chase your dream.

Chuck Dooley

A founding member and current President of the West Texas Angel Network, with an interest in agriculture, technology, and the sciences. I am involved in vetting business deals, coaching entrepreneurs, and consulting for start-ups.