Appleton, WI

Current Organizers

Mark Burwell

An award winning evolutionary entrepreneur, author, speaker, mentor and business architect. He has launched a upscale menswear, gourmet coffee, consulting/publishing business and Entrepreneur Hub.

Markus Dantinne

Markus Dantinne is an innovative mechanical engineer with over 15 years’ experience in technology research, product development, and project management.

Tony Busch

Assist entrepreneurs Applying Financial Literacy®. Teach them to Manage Your Banking Relationship; Don't Be Managed By It®. By understanding their cash flow, entrepreneurs are more successful, AND, they sleep better at night.

Bob Molitor

Recently retired small business owner of several companies involved in industrial equipment manufacturing and sales in the overhead material handling equipment field.

Amy Pietsch

Through it all she has been working with entrepreneurs, small business owners, community and business leaders to launch and grow sustainable enterprises.