Asheville, NC

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#ScaleUpWNC provides intensive growth strategy development and implementation assistance to two cohorts of 15 small businesses annually. With now over 90 alumni companies, ScaleUp WNC is supporting a diverse and distinguished group of entrepreneurs that will drive innovation and economic development across the WNC region.

Since the 2019 application window closes on January 27th, 1 Million Cups Asheville is hosting a panel of graduates to learn more about how they successfully built their growth plan, pitched to investors, and navigated their journey to scale.

Moderated by Emily Breedlove, the panel will consist of Adam Charnack (Hi-Wire Brewing), Murphy Funkhouser Capps (Kudzu Brands), and Anthony M. Thomas (UpStaff Personnel), and Matt Raker (Mountain BizWorks).

Asheville Almond Company

Craft snack food company based in Asheville that focuses on flavored almond mixes.

Founder of RISC Networks, Jeremy Littlejohn has been cooking up a new venture, HR Data Solutions, and we are honored to have him share it with us!

“It’s not you, it’s me.” That’s not true. It’s both of you.
Finding the right match for the right job is hard. Article after article will tell you the “One question Google asks All employees” – but it doesn’t work. The lack of a culture fit continues to be a major reason that employment situations don’t last. The resulting turnover is expensive and difficult on the company and the employee. HR Data Solutions takes a data driven approach to making job and cultural fit a science, not black magic. This is not a job board or a better set of interview questions. This is what happens when you use 21st century data science to solve one of the most challenging problems in the world.

Jeremy Littlejohn, CEO of HR Data Solutions, has been working on making data more actionable since 2007. As a founder of RISC Networks, he has 11 years of experience building and scaling software and analytics businesses. HR Data Solutions is the result of years of working to solve hiring problems and become more confident in the people decisions of a growing company.