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1 Million Cups Asheville 4th Anniversary Celebration

The Heart of Tradition sells water that has been naturally enriched with magnesium, and sourced from the Zechstein Sea in Veendam, the Netherlands.
Magnesium deficiency is rightly called the "deficiency of the century" and it cannot be overcome through food alone at this stage, it will only worsen, due to the soil, as we go forward. The Transdermal application is the optimal way to heal this deficiency, mimicking our Greek and Roman mineral rich spa and thalasso therapy culture of Antiquity. The skin as a delivery system and filter is at the beginning of its understanding.

The sport community (sport doctors, trainers) has been the first to embrace it but the rest of the population is now interested for benefits such as :

• Calms cramps, pain, inflammation and tendonitis
• Stimulates local blood circulation
• Relieve muscle aches associated with sports activities
• Relieves pain associated with sports activities
• Improve skin problems
• Reduce Cellulite (Mg is a major collagen and elastin co-factor)
And much more!

Founder Daniel Thompson has seen great success with this business in France, and now he wants to expand it to the US.