Bismarck / Mandan, ND

Current Organizers

Evan Anderson

Entrepreneur and service provider in the areas of engineering, prototyping, and product development.

Laiken Aune

With a passion for progress and pushing the limits, I enjoy challenging entrepreneurs and business owners to grow and develop their ideas. I specialize in marketing and am dedicated to helping others maximize their success.

Kate Herzog

Downtown Bismarck and Downtown ND development is our game, Downtowners is our name. We work with businesses, developers, entrepreneurs, community builders and anyone looking to make Downtown Bismarck strong.

Ganya Anderson

Ganya is the data crunching geek at Gizmonics. She uses applied research methods to assist in product development. That’s a fancy way of saying that she uses math to make products and processes better.

Brian Opp

Interested in growth of Bismarck/Mandan communities.