Bucks County, PA

Givzie, LLC

Givzie is a collective gift giving company with a focus on reducing clutter, reducing our carbon footprint and giving gifts that people really want by collectively contributing to one big gift instead of receiving 20+ small gifts.

Ten Thousand Flowers Project

In a nutshell...We are bringing communities together by painting one giant flower mural over a mile long, broken up in all 50 states with the help of thousands of community volunteers.


Chute is a platform that connects customers to existing laundry delivery services that not only clean but photograph and catalog the clothes to create an entirely new recommendation engine on discovering and replenishing clothes.

Pippy Sips

Pippy Sips is guided by a simple mandate: Make pumping easier for breastfeeding moms. We develop pumping accessories that improve upon the status quo - starting with our first product, Maia, all-in-one system for storing and cooling breastmilk.

Coherent Ways

Coherent Ways helps organizations use digital technology wisely. We solve acute and chronic challenges related to creating, deploying and operating digital technologies and craft better ways of working with them.

Everything's Not OK and That's OK

Leadership company providing group-based trainings to enhance communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills amongst employees and individuals. We meet organizations where they are to create a collaborative workforce across generations.