Chicago, IL

Current Organizers

Brandon Frisch

Passionate about the web, technology, food, and Chicago sports. I cofounded SpeakEazy, a web application designed to eliminate the fear of public speaking. Reach out

Dan Salganik

Dan Salganik has worked for marketing agencies ranging from boutique to some of the world’s largest. He is an avid traveler and enjoys exploring the world through experiencing culture, food, music, and people.

Kenneth Purcell

Kenneth has a love for entrepreneurship and passion for helping others succeed. He most recently founded ExecTable, a web application built to connect executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Maura Mitchell

Maura Mitchell is the Director of Entrepreneurial Services at the Women’s Business Development Center. She has a passion for partnering with entrepreneurs to develop their business plans and assists them with raising capital.

Jessica Ramirez

Jess is the International Marketing Director at Idea Lunchbox, an international accelerator. She has a passion for travel and enjoys interacting with different cultures. She also speaks English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Dapo Kolawole

Dapo Kolawole loves all things entrepreneurship. He is an Engineer and just loves making things that add value. Founder at Citispoon, SprocketRover and roomii.

Eric Schwartz

I'm passionate about all things technology and entrepreneurial. I love to work with existing and new technologies and find was to innovate and disrupt.