Colorado Springs, CO

Milestones for Growth

We are creating a collaborative campus for small, established light manufacturing companies to promote the growth and expansion of manufacturing in the community. We provide shared amenities and space for community partners and educators.

Legacy Foundry

Fintech firm that offers a software platform to enable financial advisors to focus on asset retention from one generation to the next. We do this via customer family relationship management.

Peak Startup

Peak Startup is a non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurial and economic growth in the Pikes Peak region by serving local startup founders and companies.

Shea McIntosh Ford

I've loved playing harp for 23 years. 5 of those years were spent entertaining at a tea room in Tampa, FL as well as many weddings and events there. I also write historical fiction. My first two published books center on the harp.

U.S. Taekwondo Center

We teach traditional martial arts and empower students through intentional character development. Whether a child needs to learn discipline and respect their parents, or an adult needs to improve mobility and increase energy, we master our potential.


I serve the medical community, by helping doctors get back to being doctors, instead of business owners, improving their operational and fiscal health. Let's transform healthcare delivery and get back to patient relationships!