Colorado Springs, CO

Terra Ferma

Founded in 2009, Terra Ferma evolved from a communications systems integrator focused on remote operations to a data analysis company cutting operational expenses of Commercial & Industrial Facilities.

Textiles West

Textiles West is a community of makers, artisans and artists. We provide access to unique tools, resources and space, for artistic exploration. With education programs, we thread tradition with technology: helping pass the mantel to future makers.

DYC Resources, Inc.

We are a Fin-Tech company that has created a web based software application to create recurring revenue for both NP organizations and for profit. Our software application creates automated roundups linked to the end users' credit/debit cards.

Colorado Institute for Social Impact

The Colorado Institute for Social Impact seeks to promote the Fourth Sector of our economy. This new sector uses the powerful economic engine of capitalism to create massive value for communities by creating social impact.