Colorado Springs, CO

Current Organizers

Dustin Kunkle

Dustin is Program Manager for Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center & thrives on supporting entrepreneurs/small biz. He owned a startup in China, helped develop a local coffee shop, & loves the vibrant COS community.

Kenneth Guentert

Ken Guentert has been in publishing for four decades. He has directed the editorial, production, and marketing functions. Today he helps people self-publish their stories through his business, The Publishing Pro, LLC

James Wieker

We help our clients identify areas they are unknowingly and unnecessarily transferring their hard-earned wealth to others, and then incorporate time-tested and trusted strategies to accelerate their dreams and goals.

Mark Tegtmeier

Mark Tegtmeier is a UX designer and front-end developer involved in the Colorado Springs startup ecosystem. With a background in branding and marketing design, web app startups and non-profits, he now owns UX agency Studio Forza.

Alex Belding

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