Denver, CO


Our goal is to make real estate investing easier and more accessible to everyone. To accomplish this, we are building a one stop shop for finding, evaluating, and promoting real estate investment opportunities.

DDB Ethical Consulting Group

DDB Ethical Consulting Group is a rapidly growing leadership development, coaching, and consulting organization serving business and tech organizations in the Denver metro area and beyond. We specialize in ethics consultation and ethical design.

Sober AF Entertainment

Sober AF Entertainment is the voice for the community looking for fun without being around drugs or alcohol, these activities are traditionally at non sober areas (Concerts and sporting events).

BullyBag & Tool Company, Inc.

BullyBag is industry tool solutions that designs, manufactures and provide industry specific tools. Beginning in 2016 and officially launched in 2018, BullyBag is the leading provider of field tools for roofing sales, adjusters & inspection tools.

Monitored TeleMedicine

Monitored TeleMedicine will develop comprehensive hypertension programs with existing Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices and platforms focused on improved clinical decisions and diagnosis while advancing patient engagement and improved outcomes.

Sustainable Funeral

Sustainable Funeral uses plant nutrients, not petrochemicals, to upcycle the deceased returning their goodness to the earth. Sustainable Funeral enables your body's essence to join with nature and live on. No cemetery. No casket. Greenest way to go!

The Commons on Champa

Located in the heart of Downtown Denver, The Commons is Denver's entrepreneurship hub powered by the Downtown Denver Partnership for those who want to innovate, build a business or take the lead.