Des Moines, IA

MJSTI Corporation

MJSTI demonstrated a patent pending selective, safe and low cost carp pesticide. The first goal is the bighead and "jumping" silver "Asian" carps (BSC). $200,000+ is needed to commercialize the formulation. Tyler Prince is designing my web page.

Debonair Supply Co.

Debonair Supply Co. makes clothing that tells a story. I use unique materials and designs inspired by interesting people and items, and tell that story through the clothing.


Eximious is a transparent company revolving around success, specializing in fitness. We offer honest supplements, science backed workout and nutrition programs, fitness apparel, and personal development tools, such as journaling.


We guide advisors and their clients to help them build a full legacy. This process removes the use of tedious or product-specific tools and enhances advisor-client communication. Advisors will grow their book of business while helping their clients.