Fairfax County, VA

Current Organizers


Laura has worked for Fortune 500 such as Verizon, AT&T and HP. She is founder of Random Words Marketing. Remember a brand is much more than a logo. It encompasses everything people see, hear and feel about your business.

Mayosha Mendis

Founder -Transformational Education Adventure Ctr Child care ctr offering Pre-school, Afterschool & Camps for 2.5 -12 yrs. T.E.A. Ctr focuses on building the Leaders of Tomorrow by incorporating yoga, mindfulness & many more

Tony Barnett

Tony has 20+ years experience in the IT industry going back to the early 1980's when he started as a salesman for Commodore 64 computers. He currently leverages his expertise in sales and marketing to growing companies.

John Yu

Business Leader | Startups Mentor | Owner of Office Evolution of Tysons

Donnell Johns

Donnell E. Johns Sr., Command Sergeant Major Retired, CEO of Avision Worldwide, LLC is a Certified Business Coach, He helps companies hire the right people, train and coach them and improve the culture to drive improved results.