Fairfax County, VA

Current Organizers

Mayosha Mendis

Founder -Transformational Education Adventure Ctr Child care ctr offering Pre-school, Afterschool & Camps for 2.5 -12 yrs. T.E.A. Ctr focuses on building the Leaders of Tomorrow by incorporating yoga, mindfulness & many more

John Yu

Business Leader | Startups Mentor | Owner of Office Evolution of Tysons

Donnell Johns

Donnell E. Johns Sr., Command Sergeant Major Retired, CEO of Avision Worldwide, LLC is a Certified Business Coach, He helps companies hire the right people, train and coach them and improve the culture to drive improved results.

Jennifer Dalton

Are you ready to differentiate yourself from the 7 billion other people on the planet? No pressure. As a personal brand specialist with entrepreneurship in my DNA, I help business owners and executives define how they show up as leaders, make the most of their strengths, and tend to their legacy, growth, and visibility. I am passionate about enabling individuals and companies to define their brand and differentiate themselves in authentic, credible, and relevant ways to the market. As a leader and a partner to my clients, I push them to ask themselves, “What are the conversations that you as an individual want to drive and shape. What’s the impact that you want to make” I want to help clients take what they know and convert it into their signature frameworks and content, amplify it and make it into something that can be a value add for the company. I help my clients understand that personal branding is not personal bragging. Executives and business owners need to establish and promote their personal brand to help their target partners, clients, and community get to know like and trust them. My goal is to help people to figure out their passion and their purpose, so I can help them move the needle on their visibility and impact. I’ve been in the business of helping people my whole life. I started my professional journey helping my parents at their business, learning the ropes about being an entrepreneur from them and my grandparents – as I said, entrepreneurship is in my DNA. In 2012, after completing an Executive MBA program at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, I made a gutsy move into the entrepreneurship space, launching my branding business. I am an organizer for 1Million Cups Fairfax as well as an active member with the Business Women’s Giving Circle at the Community Foundation of Northern Virginia. Giving back is a large part of my ethos which is why I speak at 40Plus and Career Confidence every quarter. I regularly speak locally and internationally to audiences in public and private spheres. From the White House to Fortune 500 Companies like Capital One and Marriott, from conventions with 500 in attendance to private talks, I take a pragmatic approach, offering actionable information that will help my audience grow bit by bit. In 2015, I took a major step towards fulfilling my own goal of visibility and impact by publishing The Intentional Entrepreneur, a book that became a bestseller, outlining the process for building and leveraging your personal brand as an entrepreneur to grow your business. From solopreneur to CEO, this book is a guide to help you be more intentional with your choices, thought leadership, and your reputation. I’m a mom to two boys, wife to a husband as introverted as I am extroverted. I love singing, dancing, and laughing.

Melinda Sigal

ABOUT MELINDA SIGAL * Goes beyond marketing & business development as a highly motivated, performance-driven strategic integrated marketing & sales solutions leader, with a proven track record in traditional & digital integrated marketing and business development * Multiple disciplinary acumen for clients, agencies, non-profits/associations, media and vendors * Dedicated ability to cultivate & manage emerging & existing business initiatives in start-ups & established environments, taking organizations to next level * Classically trained, 4P marketer (product, price, place and promotion), growth-hacker, insightful rainmaker and innovator, who is creative, analytical, and strategic * Ability to strategically, plan, develop & execute inventive marketing campaigns that foster lead generation and increase sales * Visionary talent - inventiveness to integrate market trends, research, business data and product attributes into messaging and programming (the story and how to tell it) that drives demand by connecting and engaging with customers * Develop & manage comprehensive traditional and digital sales, marketing, branding, promotions, communications and public relations programs * Rare visual intelligence with a “good eye” toward keen aesthetics, strong empathy, a user-centered mentality and brand identity * A consultative team-driven leader with servant & collaborative teambuilding, mentoring, training, recruiting skills, with the ability to motivate individuals to deliver at peak performance, improving efficiency and effectiveness and positively impacting revenue by setting priorities and inspiring team to “do great things” * Connection matchmaker and avid networker, adept at building professional and business relationships – knowing interests, skillsets, needs, and then guiding companies and individuals to achieve their objectives and make great things happen ABOUT THE SALES & MARKETING CONNECTION Founded by Melinda Sigal in 1991, The Sales and Marketing Connection (S&MC) offers full-service traditional and digital integrated marketing and business development across multiple business sectors, B2B and B2C. S&MC’s expertise includes over 30+ years of demonstrated leadership and business building skills developing and managing marketing and sales programs for top Fortune 500 high profile brands and companies including Fox, NBC, Disney, Universal, Chevrolet, Saab, Dodge, Cadillac, General Motors, Nestle, Kraft, Dannon, Heinz, Procter & Gamble, Dial, Scott Paper, Clorox, Hunt Wesson, Hormel, KalKan/Uncle Ben’s. Melinda has held executive posts on the agency, vendor and corporate sides with News America Marketing, Wishoo, Chancellor Marketing Group, Ryan Partnership, Mars Advertising, International Beauty Design, Xytronyx, Neutrogena, Redken, Vidal Sassoon, Bestfoods, Warner-Lambert, Timex, Tremco, Lang Fisher & Stashower Advertising, and Beefsteak Charlies. Over the past 10-15 years, Melinda and S&MC have been focusing on local associations, non-profits, small to mid-sized blue chip companies, start-ups and entrepreneurial businesses – some of our clients have included: Salvation Army, Alexandria Citadel (pro bono), National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA), Association of Integrated Marketing, Formerly Promotion Marketing Association (PMA), International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), American Marketing Association (AMA), National Association of Women Business, Owners (NAWBO), Safe Shore, DC Children’s Advocacy (pro bono), Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT), International Network of Physiotherapy Regulatory Authorities (INPTRA), The People’s School of Music, Doorways for Women and Families (pro bono), Friend2Friend (not for profit focusing on loneliness), Alexandria Colonial Tours, Alexandria Living Legends, Central Michigan University (CMU), Hollin Hall, Shark Lori Greiner/For Your Easy Only, Duke Street Speedy Lube, Incidr, SOS Products, Klick Sports, Zen Integrated Marketing and more. S&MC’S SWEET SPOT S&MC has been a pioneer in integrating corporate marketing with innovation, emerging technology and communications channels for over three decades. As a “Thought Leader, Marketing Influencer, Storyteller and Rainmaker,” S&MC applies original marketing with instinctive sales strategies and tactics to engage and move our clients' potential customers to action, by identifying and shaping purchasing behaviors and decisions. S&MC is multi-disciplinary, polymorphous and media agnostic … we are versatile and unbiased (not driven by media and commissions). We can implement your brand message in both traditional advertising and digital ... whatever it takes! We start with a holistic approach by gaining an understanding of your business, your customers and the communities where they live. We spin everything around to look at things from different angles and vantage points. Then we create relevance at every important customer touch point and connection. So everything you’ve invested in works together in one happy and harmonic inter-related dynamic. We provide some of these services through a combination of in-house capabilities and through the capabilities of our business partners, specialized service providers. They come from a wide range of backgrounds that will be leveraged for client success if needed. After reviewing the parameters of what you want to accomplish – or in what order you want to proceed, S&MC will come back to you with a final recommendation including agreed projects/phases, work to be performed and quotes to accomplish total project. We will keep in mind your desire to combine quality work, with economical execution and on-time delivery. S&MC is engaged by organizations that need help with the changing marketing & sales landscape, and need to pivot or update their digital and traditional marketing & sales strategies, personal or corporate branding, value proposition, social media, marketing communications/PR, content marketing - or just need help with project management. Especially now – S&MC can help companies plan for the new “norm” in these times of uncertainty, while the COVID19 pandemic is creating a shift in the preferences and expectations of individuals - as leaders, employers, staff and customers. These shifts and their impact on how we live, work and use technology will emerge more clearly over the coming months. S&MC can strategically help businesses reinvent themselves and evolve by realizing a better insight and foresight to succeed. S&MC builds strategic action plans that relaunch businesses and rebuild pipelines, by supporting our clients with a stronger sense of what makes business more resilient, productive and uncomplicated to deliver to customers. The aftermath of this pandemic will also provide an opportunity to learn from a plethora of social innovations and experiments, ranging from working from home to large-scale surveillance. With this will come an understanding of which innovations, if adopted permanently, might provide substantial uplift to economic and social welfare—versus which would ultimately inhibit the broader betterment of society, even helpful halting or limiting the spread of the virus.