Fort Wayne, IN

Current Organizers

Leesa Ackermann

I am a Registered Nurse with an MBA and I'm passionate about promoting the best care for the right reason to facilitate best outcomes. I also have a keen sense of how the delivery of healthcare intersects with quality and the cost of services. I can be your voice, educator, researcher, coach and support in all things related to your medical and healthcare needs. My allegiance is to the patient.

Rowan Greene

Rowan Greene wears many hats in life from a street performer to a food Justice advocate. When he's not in Fort Wayne working on our food system you can find him traveling the world as a presenter at education conventions.

Theresa Steele

As an EOS Implementer, I use the Entrepreneurial Operating System to work with business owners and leaders to help them get what they want from their businesses. As a Kolbe Certified Consultant, I help improve Individual performance, conflict resolution between Individuals, develop Team Synergy and hiring more effectively. Contact me by email or phone for more information. (260) 750-7050