Frisco, TX

Drone Parks Worldwide

Forging the frontier of experiential entertainment by building Drone Parks: spaces for safe, enjoyable, and luxurious drone flight.

Sole Stacks

SS was founded out of a love of shoes & a need to create a better alt. for shoe storage. They show off more of the personality of your shoe, while still being space efficient. SS started in 2014 & grew w/ a successful Kickstarter launch in 2016.


Kritish aims to bring the creative community together by promoting the culture of sharing, inspiring and physical collaboration. Kritish is a social networking and collaborating platform. “Kritish” is Kriti(creations) "Sh"are.

The Bazbaz Blueprint For Winning@Work

A niche consulting firm that provides coaching on the soft skills that ensure professionals can achieve and enjoy the highest levels of success. The skill sets include emotional intelligence, emotional logic and quick conflict resolution.


SIDEKiCK offers kick-ass web based tools to help people get stuff done. We want to improve people’s lives by improving how they work. ‘SideKick’ is not just another management tool; it’s a way of life. "You’ll do your best and we’ll do the rest”.


Rodexly allows users to instantly build connections with people in their network to utilize each other’s skills and talents. Rather your looking to for someone to help create a website, develop an app or even do your taxes, check your network first.