Fort Worth, TX


MailJive is team-based email search, a twist on traditional enterprise email archival and search. With MailJive, knowledge is retained and accessible throughout and beyond the tenure of your employees.

Alchemy Pops

Alchemy Pops is a purveyor of artisan frozen pops hand-made from farm-fresh local ingredients. We offer a refreshing alternative to commercially processed pops as we strive to create intriguing flavors and cultivate a sense of community, one pop a...


Cthrough provides a digital map to attractions such as zoos and amusement parks, leveraging Augmented Reality technology. It greatly enhances the onsite visitor experience, and allows attractions to better understand their customers cost-efficiently.

Education Prep Centers

Education consulting firm providing comprehensive, customized services designed to help students navigate the college admission process, by providing motivation, inspiration, guidance and the necessary tools to be successful throughout this process

ToolRent Co.

ToolRent is an online platform for tool rentals with a main focus on the homeowner and small contractor. It is tool rentals with a constant small business feeling.


SportalLive combines the vast potential of social media with the $40B amateur-sports market. This interactive platform provides a number of unique applications for athletes, teams and fans.