Irvine, CA

The Reluctant Capitalist

A data provider of stock market forecasts using only indicators that prove empirical.


Social interaction, not social media. Hoo? is a platform where college students can post Hoo's, or posts, that can be viewed by the rest of their campus in order to facilitate new interactions amongst three categories: chill, school, and bazaar.


Radan is a non-profit organization that provides education, micro-financing loans and networking support for women in our community.


Burbz is a marketplace for residential property management. Connecting real estate investors and property managers to form an Earn-Earn partnership and maximize returns.


LearningFuze is focused on developing learning technologies and methodologies to accelerate skill acquisition through pairing natural human capabilities with technology. Currently, we are applying this new model to an Advanced Web Development Program

Appoon LLC

Appoon is quickly becoming a key solution provider across the globe which drives team productivity and team engagement through TeamKnit. TeamKnit is simple all in one team productivity tool which helps connecting teams and enhance team productivity.