Irvine, CA

Mind Brain Parenting

Mind Brain Parenting builds emotional intelligence (EQ) and social skills in children and adults. Its award-winning and Harvard-featured game help to nurture self-motivated, confident, and compassionate children (and adults)!


Wing is an "on-demand anything" service, powered by AI. Whatever a user needs, whether it be cleaning up your dorm, getting someone to run errands or even getting a gourmet meal at 3 in the morning, we do it, provided it’s legal!


VRAY develops the safest, simplest, cross-platform framework and technology for omni-channel payment, leveraging secure mobile wallets. VRAY aims to solve the pressing issues of escalating fraud cost and high cart abandonment rate (~70% in US). .

Stelco Management Group, Inc.

Stelco is a startup business currently housed at the Urban Workshop in Costa Mesa, CA. We have developed and patented a new skin treatment that uses static electricity and custom makeup additives to improve appearance and durability of foundation.

24 Hour Designs

24 Hour Designs is a design agency focused on enabling early stage entrepreneurs to prototype their app ideas in rapid turnaround times.

HOA Messenger

HOA Messenger is a messaging platform for use in Homeowners Associations to help HOA residents and their management staff communicate in a way that is more convenient, and available at a fraction of the cost.