Kansas City, MO


Digs is a savings product that helps renters transition into homeownership. It rewards people who are proactively saving for a home and educates them on the home buying process. When the time comes, Digs offers personalized mortgage recommendations.


NuMoola is a comprehensive financial asset management and education platform designed to help families build financial literacy and real wealth. We make financial concepts actionable, integrated and collaborative and focused on kids ages 6-18.

Trndsttrs Media

Trndsttrs Media is a marketing startup focusing on 'Trend-setting' marketing strategies and tools. We stay on top of the newest trends and apply these to small-mid size businesses who don't have the time or team to do so.

SavR Inc

SavR is a mobile Application that assists users to Automatically save or invest their money.

Innovating Solutions LLC

Innovating Solutions LLC develops innovative, smart, easy to use products. Software at the heart of electronics our iOT devices are the first of their kind.

After Action Network, Inc.

After Action Network (AAN) is a social venture that connects resources for integrated medicine and expanded career fields to (disabled) veterans, their families, and their communities.