Midwest Regional Representative

Accelerating others is the best way to energize your entrepreneurial spirit and 1 Million Cups is special, because you're consistently surrounded by people who are passionately building things that matter.

Ben McDougal

Des Moines, IA


Meet Ben McDougal

Ben McDougal is a passionate community builder, a successful entrepreneur and a nerd you need to know. He's been part of 1 Million Cups since the very beginning and has led the Des Moines chapter for over three years. Ben accelerates others through the art of connection and is committed to tightening the 1MC tribe to expand the impact we all make at our weekly gatherings. Ben can answer all of your questions, connect you with anyone and he can't wait to experience what makes your community special.

What is a Regional Representative?

Community leaders who provide guidance on how to grow a deeply engaged community; and shares best practices from organizers across the country.

How Can a Regional Representative Help You?

Our regional representatives are point people for 1 Million Cups organizers to engage with on growing their communities and learning best practices. Regional reps will be accessible via Slack and email and are eager to help organizers build their 1MC communities.

You should think of them as your first stop when you have a question about building your community, including presenter pipeline, inclusion, attendance numbers and building engagement.

What Area Does Ben Serve?

North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio.

Can I be a Regional Representative?

Possibly! We are working to formally define what the role looks like, including eligibility, application process, responsibilities and more, with a strong focus on inclusion and diversity. The more you engage and interact with your regional rep, the more we can learn and better position this role in the future.

Stay tuned for more details about our regional reps!