Minneapolis, MN


Mossier's mission is to invest in LGBT entrepreneurs across generations and borders. We have adopted a social enterprise model where we are setting up a for-profit consultancy that works with major corporations on LGBT employment issues.

Code Championship

Just like gymnastics, dance, or basketball, competitive coding pushes us to be great. Build a computer bot to play head-to-head against other coders! These camps and one-day events are for Minnesotans 15 and under.

Fitware, LLC DBA Tailgater Box

Modular storage containers and accessories

Homecooked, Inc.

Homecooked is a social dining platform enabling people to book dinner events at the homes of local chefs. Events are organized based on the social profile cards of the guest list, which prioritize shared interests in the event feed.

Thaddeus Medical Systems

Thaddeus makes smart packaging technology for temperature sensitive therapeutics and specimens that need to be stored or transported.

So do it! Society.

So, do it! is The So, do it Society: a subscription-based online community and the So do it! Salons: small in-person groups led by a Salonniere. 13 week sessions starting in Sept, Jan, May. Supported by a series of workshops, online courses & talks.