Minneapolis, MN

Current Organizers

Ivy Kaminsky

Ivy has 25+ years of experience in the marketing, corporate, nonprofit, and academic worlds. She also has a BA in Communications and an MA in Development Studies from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in Durban, South Africa.

Bailey Johnson

My work aims to provide opportunities for people to explore their passions. By breaking barriers, challenging norms, and opening doors, the work I do provides exposure to opportunities to make an impact.

Christopher Christenson

Christopher Christenson is a community development proponent with experience in economic development, food and beverage, film production, and international NGO partnerships.

Donte Curtis

Donte Curtis is the owner of Catch Your Dream Consulting where he mentors, inspires, and trains individuals and teams, nationwide, on leadership development,racial equity, entrepreneurship and making effective change.