Missoula, MT

Ignimbrite Minerals, Inc.

Producing one the world's most needed and effective organic silicon mineral products. Ignimbrite improves the health of plants, animals, humans, and the environment.

Mountain Meat Shares

The mission of Mountain Meat Shares is to source whole animals from local farmers. Shares of frozen meat are delivered to Missoula monthly on a subscription. Enjoy delicious, locally sourced meat while supporting neighboring farmers.

Red Storm Defense/Reflex Red Storm

Red Storm Defense, a Montana-based non-lethal personal defense start-up, offers newly patented Reflex model pepper spray products that boast game-changing, grab & shoot technology with the potential to disrupt home and workplace security markets.

Charlotte Creekmore, Family Nurse Practitioner

An integrative family healthcare practice, alternative holistic medicine under a mainstream medical license.