Oakland County, MI

Current Organizers

Thomas Raymond

Age 78/ 10 years with Federal Government/ 30 years in Corporate Security & Safety/ 10 years as a Business Owner/ 6 years as a Score Mentor/ Business Counselor.

Jason Verbrugghe

Jason is owner of DPro Healthcare, digital media firm focusing on 360 video & VR. Jason is also owner in Grit Obstacle Training, the latest in ninja warrior & OCR. Jason participates in Medical Main Street Advisory Panel.

Michael Keith

I enjoy working working with great teams and finding ways to collaborate with other great companies. The Office Coffee Shop (OCS) is a business hub where everyone can meet, work and be social over Great Coffee

Glen Sartori

I am a Small Business Analyst with Oakland County. If you have an idea for and would like to present at one of our functions, feel free to contact me!

Greg Doyle

I manage the Oakland County One Stop Shop Business Center. Our team consulting approach along with industry leading tools help entrepreneurs thrive in Oakland County.