Oakland County, MI

Current Organizers

Thomas Raymond

Age 78/ 10 years with Federal Government/ 30 years in Corporate Security & Safety/ 10 years as a Business Owner/ 6 years as a Score Mentor/ Business Counselor.

Erick Phillips

I help businesses succeed in Oakland County. This is accomplished through one-on-one consulting using sophisticated tools that can assist with cash flow, marketing, site prospecting, customer profiling, financing, etc.

Jason Verbrugghe

Jason is owner of DPro Healthcare, digital media firm focusing on 360 video & VR. Jason is also owner in Grit Obstacle Training, the latest in ninja warrior & OCR. Jason participates in Medical Main Street Advisory Panel.

Michael Keith

I enjoy working working with great teams and finding ways to collaborate with other great companies. The Office Coffee Shop (OCS) is a business hub where everyone can meet, work and be social over Great Coffee

Glen Sartori

I am a Small Business Analyst with Oakland County. If you have an idea for and would like to present at one of our functions, feel free to contact me!

Greg Doyle

I manage the Oakland County One Stop Shop Business Center. Our team consulting approach along with industry leading tools help entrepreneurs thrive in Oakland County.