Ocala, FL

Martin Energy Enterprises

Company that specializes in energy efficiency products and services.

Juno Apparel, LLC

Insect-repellent maternity clothing.

Family Table Time

Family Table Time (FTT) “fulfills the job” of getting families back to the dinner table. FTT offers a way to secure parents and children’s attention to safely talk about anything using intriguing guides with engaging character themes.

Created By Star Light L.L.C.

Creative Laser engraving and cutting. From personal items to military applications we service them all.

Prisma Imaging

Prisma Imaging has developed functional diagnostic imaging for equine health. Our platform uses robotics and line-scan x-ray imaging to provide diagnostic-quality images of areas of horse anatomy that have been inaccessible to traditional imaging.

Ocala Essential Massage

Ocala Essential Massage is located in downtown Ocala. The company is owned and operated by Alexandra Kozlowski LMT. Ocala Essential Massage provides therapeutic massage therapy sessions from 60-90 minutes focusing on holistic individual wellness.