Orlando, FL

Epic Golf, Inc.

Epic is a mobile app that provides fun, convenient and social golf experiences that create new golfers and urge existing golfers to play more. It’s our belief that golf can make life more fun for everyone.

Le'Anns Cheesecakes N More

Le'Anns Cheesecakes is a Wholesale Bakery specializing in single slice Cheesecakes baked in a Jar. We have taken a classic New York style Cheesecake and baked it into a Jar so you can grab and go with your classic Cheesecake.

Podfest MultiMedia Expo

The Largest gathering of Podcasters taking place within the state of Florida. Helping put our region and state on the map within the emerging medium of Podcasting.

Platinum Royalties

Platinum Royalties is a FREE marketing and advertising company that primary focus is on donating 76% of its proceeds raised through school fundraising, while donating a portion to charities nationwide.

Lucerna Studios

Lucerna makes STEM games that save teachers time while accomplishing common core standards. Right now we're finishing up starter studio and we have a prototype of a Virtual Reality math game that we are looking to implement in a school.