Orlando, FL


We are a sustainable technology and product design company. First launching through a franchise model called Mobile Greens. Partners... former VP of HardRock, former owner of Full Swing Golf Vision is Organic Food Growing Everywhere Prelaunch


Peer to peer service that allows people to connect with others who have similar fitness interests. We are a facilitator of the connection.

Collab Hub

Collab Hub is the easiest self-hosted intranet solution for small business to improve internal company communication. Collab Hub was developed as a simple software installed on top of the most popular software - Wordpress.

Packed Up

Packed Up is a peer-to-peer self-storage app that connects users in need of space to those with space; delivered and insured.

What Am I Doing Today?

We deliver personalized and customizable experiences anytime, anywhere for people looking to find things to do. Whether they are traveling, sitting at home, looking for things to do for the kids on break, or just going out with friends.

RB Advisory LLC

“Empowering companies to successfully manage evolving cyber risks, vulnerabilities and compliance requirements globally.”