Orlando, FL


On ViewStub, anyone can easily upload videos or stream from any camera to their own exclusive page. Creators offer virtual access to their content. Viewers can connect from anywhere in the world, with any screen

BatterEASE Co

We harvest lithium cells from electric vehicles and old electronics, then upcycle them in our small-scale modular energy storage system for distribution and customization. Were closing the loop, making renewable energy accessible & scalable for all.


Spark is a shared relationship app that sends reminders of customized wants and needs to each partner. After a task is completed so many times, personalized rewards are then provided, reigniting the spark in any couples relationship!

Podfest MultiMedia Expo

The Largest gathering of Podcasters taking place within the state of Florida. Helping put our region and state on the map within the emerging medium of Podcasting.


Vohesu’s Voice First, Diagnosis Navigation Platform, helps Healthcare providers, who want to reduce healthcare costs, by improving patient lifestyle choices, and, decreasing medication non-adherence, where and when patients need it, all via VOICE!