Orlando, FL

Maitland Rotary Art Festival

The 43rd annual "Art Under the Stars, The Maitland Rotary Art Festival" is the only night-time fine art show in Florida. With live entertainment and sparkling lights the evening hours create magical experiences for artists and patrons alike.

Golden Aspirations

Build people up as investors increasing financial literacy. Show people how to leverage credit for assets, rather than liabilities like the majority of people. Repair/Build personal/business credit, and show people powerful assets to tap into.

InvestInU LLC

How do you InvestInU? is a member based transformative web based platform. On a monthly basis Members focus on their WholeBeing - Spirit, Mind, Emotions and Body and how they benefit themselves, their relationships. A Mentor Dashboard is provided.

Project Phoenix

We built an online marketplace, AegisFlow, for commercial drone pilots to upload, share, stream, and sell their photos, videos, and 3D modeling content. AegisFlow is a place for folks to directly contact pilots and contract them to fly.