Orlando, FL

Current Organizers

Alan Shafer

Entrepreneurial Executive & Business Mentor helps startup ventures launch and existing businesses reach new successes. Mentor: University of Florida Startup Quest® Program Qualifications: IBM Business Management School

Josh Zepess

In a world where dreams are crushed, souls are forgotten, and rust never sleeps, Josh Zepess (the Identity Archaeologist) is on a mission to ensure talented solopreneurs turn every business first impression into a second impression (where the sale happens!) by raising their ROC - Return on Conversation - so they can profit more without grinding more. After decades on the corporate farm as a shy, introverted engineer, he realized that the cubicle could no longer contain him. So he escaped. It was a rocky road through entrepreneurship in the financial and gym industries until he finally stopped ignoring his genius. Now he plays in it, profitably, every day. When he's not digging for business gold, he flies airplanes, brews beer, runs long-distance obstacle course races, and creates literary masterpieces.

Rupert Meghnot

Rupert Meghnot is a lifelong entrepreneur and project mgt. SME, who’s mentored hundreds of startups. His Meal with a Mentor™ program is very popular. If you're starting a business, he knows best how to create a successful one.

Erik Deckers

Professional blogger and the co-author of "Branding Yourself" and "No Bullshit Social Media." Blogging since 1997 and a newspaper humor columnist since 1994. Spring 2016 writer-in-residence at the Jack Kerouac House.

Denny Kurir

Past Governor of Rotary Int’l, partner in 4 different LLCs, President Gift of Life Central Florida, Salvation Army Board of Advisors, One Million Cups Advisory Board, Project Lyft Advisory Board, Grandfathered Miracle League VP

Scott Hill

CEO / Founder / Creative Director / Podcast Host  Known as a solution finder, Scott has developed an extremely wide range of skills and experiences over four decades of technical entertainment, production, project management, and marketing. He has designed and managed large events, trade show, conference and permanent Audio-Visual systems. Scott’s community involvement has bridged the entrepreneurial, hospitality and entertainment industries.