Our Culture

Engaging in the 1MC Culture

The 1 Million Cups Culture

1 Million Cups communities across the nation aim to present an inclusive and supportive front door to their local entrepreneurial ecosystems. These qualities are essential for 1MC to fulfill its mission to educate, engage and connect entrepreneurs with their communities. And they are too essential to leave to chance as the number of 1MC communities continues to grow.

At 1MC, everyone learns: The entrepreneurs who present, the communities that offer support and the organizers who dedicate their time to make the program happen.

The following code of conduct represents 1MC’s values and practices, leaving no doubt as to what every person participating in 1MC can expect to see, experience and bring to every meeting.

We invite you to adopt this code and bring an open mind and honest insights to your 1MC community.

All attendees at 1 Million Cups events will honor the following values and practices that comprise the 1MC culture:

Safe & Supportive

1MC offers a safe place to share ideas and admit what you don’t know, whether you are here to present your business idea or to network and listen to a presenting entrepreneur. There are no sharks in this program.

Audiences are committed to being supportive of everyone who attends and presents by listening and offering constructive suggestions. This makes for a fertile learning environment.

Inclusive & Diverse

A vibrant entrepreneurial community must be diverse. Committed to breaking down barriers so all entrepreneurs can access the networks and resources they need, 1MC welcomes anyone with a desire to grow a business or has an interest in supporting entrepreneurs, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity or education.

Everyone attending 1MC adds value, be they funders, serial entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents building a business or civic leaders. And everyone has a voice and is encouraged to use it. No one person dominates.

Respectful & Considerate

Like all communities, people attending 1MC have different goals and roles. 1MC organizers are community members who volunteer their time to host local events. Presenters might not always have the most polished presentation. Some community members may be there for the first time and don’t know the culture yet. Be aware of the range of reasons participants have for attending and be respectful when engaging with others.

Any behavior that veers from respect and consideration is strictly off-limits. This can include:

For Assistance

If you believe someone is violating the code of conduct, we ask that you contact the organizers in your community.

Enforcing the Code

Participation in the 1 Million Cups program is a privilege, not a right. The organizers of each local 1 Million Cups community are authorized to enforce this Code of Conduct and impose sanctions for any violations. As such, organizers have the discretion to:

The decisions by organizers are final. Any appeal for reconsideration must be made to the organizers who made the decisions.

Enforcing the 1 Million Cups Code of Conduct

If a community member believes someone has violated these guidelines, a community organizer should be notified. The organizer should do the following: