Phoenix - West Valley, AZ


LoadBlock is using blockchain technology to improve the lives of truckers nationwide. Built on Hyperledger Fabric, the LoadBlock platform will allow truckers to get paid more and get paid faster when they factor a freight invoice.

Koach Financial

Koach Financial is a nonprofit whose mission is to develop financial solutions that empower wise decision making skills and enhance the quality of life. We achieve this by providing users the technology, education, and support necessary to succeed.


For young women in sex-trafficking who want to get help, Protect Them is the team that will provide those victims with resources and tools. In doing so, sex-trafficking victims will be able to choose to leave sex trafficking.

Safety Next

Safety Next is a tap-go door scanner that assist in locating students as they enter/exit classrooms. Students use their ID to badge into the RFID Sensor Module. Teachers can access an online interface educating them of the student's location. 


Audiolex builds tools that help people develop their expression to become the orator they’ve always wanted to be.


We're building a democratized marketplace connecting local business owners, marketers, influencers, creatives, and freelancers to collaborate, gain quality clients, and save money by trading their excess capacities and services.