Phoenix, AZ


Prooving is an "Automated Truth Machine" that begins with validating credentials on the most secure, private, and current technology infrastructure available.

Choose Your Reader, LLC

Software development and children's book publisher, we promote literacy and multilingual education using new stories and classic tales, combined with the voice of a loved one. We support technology that brings people and families closer together.


Audiolex builds tools that help people develop their expression to become the orator they’ve always wanted to be.


RWAR is an XR (mixed reality) content engagement platform, that operates within consumer transportation networks to effectively engage mobile consumers for XR business services such as DIY data collection, advertising, and virtual commerce efforts.

LifePrint Consulting

An eclectic service and advisory company for communication, with emphasis on content and copywriting to engage people, establish connection & provide value. Other aspects include starting a consulting business & transformational coaching.