Provo, UT


At Quik, we’re focused on helping companies increase productivity and improve company culture by providing services that help employees stay productive and happy. Quik currently offers on-site oil change and detailing services.

Next Level

This software is a profile based platform to help connect athletes and recruiters in a seamless process where information is found in one place. It is designed to be user friendly and a cloud based account.

Divinely Driven Results

Through coaching, Divinely Driven Results empowers ladypreneurs to achieve their sales goals in a unique way by partnering with God, empowering their mindset, and creating a customized sales strategy and funnel to obtain their ideal clients.

Fathom the Good

Using our classical tradition, our HS curriculum reveals reason as morally responsible & open to truths of revelation as a well-reasoned, inspiring alternative to radical ideologies taught today. Resources available for families and communities too!


Networkr is a mobile platform made for networking events and networkers to help organize relationships and sit people with others they have never met before and wouldn't meet due to human error.


When GratiFi users deposit money, enough stays in US Dollars to cover essential expenses, the rest is invested. At the moment of spend, the asset that has increased the most in market value is liquidated, saving money and increasing purchasing power.