Provo, UT


ClientTether is a streamlined client engagement platform & CRM, automating texts, emails, and calls to inbound prospects, developing leads, current clients, and lost accounts. CT eliminates overhead and barriers to scaling your sales growth.

Innovate With Confidence

Innovate empowers innovators to confidently create, cultivate, and commercialize revolutionary technologies through uniquely valuable strategic insight, focusing on deployment of an online DIY provisional patent course.

Earth Dispensing Solutions, Inc.

Creating environmentally friendly products. To clean up clutter and the planet.


We make a maintenance management software (CMMS) that simplifies the lives of anyone that is involved with maintaining assets. .

HADCAD Product Development LLC

HADCAD is Provo's premiere prototyping company. We accept nearly any client with an idea for a product and take them from concept to marketable prototype. We provide low rates thanks to our use of college interns who gain valuable experience with us.

Story Changes Everything, Inc.

Over 95% of all purchasing decisions are made in the subconscious mind and the key to getting there is by telling a story. We help leaders increase sales and transform their business by developing a purpose-based Root Story.