Reno, NV

Mother Natures

I am scheduled for September 27 but due to new product samples not being delivered yet wish to reapply under just my name (drop Honest Hemp ) for October 18 please. I informed Maggie and Jeff yesterday but have not heard from them.

Valkyrie Systems Aerospace

Valkyrie Systems Aerospace revolutionary HoverJet technology DEFIES GRAVITY with its ability to save lives and change the world as we know it. The HoverJets, a new breed of vertical take off and landing vehicles that are taking flight today.

Adams Hub Pre-Accelerator

No one cares about your business idea or what you want to do. Everyone cares if you can make something people want to buy. Learn how to get better at that, along with other startup founders.

Community Yogi

Community Yogi is a software platform that connects certified yoga instructors with local spaces to provide affordable and welcoming yoga in your neighborhood.

Panty Drop

Panty Drop is a women's subscription underwear business that delivers premium underwear, curated based on your preferences, automatically to your door. We take the work out of underwear shopping with a larger mission to help women build confidence...


BitGive is a nonprofit leveraging Bitcoin & Blockchain technology for practical applications in humanitarian work. Their flagship project is GiveTrack, a revolutionary donation platform to provide transparency & accountability to donors in real time.