Reno, NV

Good Elephant

We're a community of students, spaces, and teachers, who believe in making yoga affordable and welcoming for everyone! Our platform connects teachers with creative local spaces to start classes in their community, and students find and book online.


Aktivly is an online rental shop, that brings together all kinds of sports, activities, and guides under one convenient roof, making it convenient to rent items and book professionals, and also giving you the option to explore new interests.

University of Nevada, Reno Innevation Center

The Innevation Center is a collaborative space created to stimulate invention, entrepreneurialism, small business and startups. The Innevation Center is designed to build connections between the University and the community.


We are Vertical Athletics INC DBA Bani Bands headbands and soon to be DBA Sweatopause. Our new brand Sweatopause currently manufactures cooling accessories to help women feel better as they go through menopause.