Reno, NV

Grocery Advisor

Grocery Advisor is a community focused grocery data aggregator that aims to help people save time, money, and live healthier lives.

Battle Board Games LLC

Battle Board Games, LLC is an Reno NV publisher of games, with our first product being the very first battle simulation board game to utilize collectible cards and figurines, and based on the historical origins of the Japanese Samurai and Ninja clans


Unique food box design that provides convenience to customers for transporting concession food, drink, and dip sauce. The box also allows multiple spots for advertising and additional sales through incentive coupons!

Tree Herder Buds

Tree Herder Buds (THB) is focused on unlocking the untapped potential of industrial varieties of hemp through processing and strategic partnership with local Nevada farmers. THB is focused on strong environmental stewardship and investing into NV.