Good Elephant

Teachers and organizers shouldn't be guessing what their community wants when they create and market their offerings. The Good Elephant app changes the way people connect by organically generating inclusive pay-what-you-can classes and gatherings.


JustKibbitz is a first of its kind dating site where moms do the matchmaking, arrange the date, pick up the check and all the daters have to do is show up. The daters are age 22-40 and have consent from their parent.

Jazz's Saucy Sauce

Jazz's Saucy Sauce was created in the kitchen of Jasmine Bonilla. It's a versatile sauce that can be used as a condiment, dressing, toss, marinade, dip, and even pasta sauce! Jazz's Saucy Sauce's flavor is in a league of its own!

Neck Nosh

Neck Nosh packaged pretzel necklaces are for enthusiastic event patrons, moms seeking a healthier hands-free kid snack, and craft beer nerds wanting to cleanse the palate between tastings. Neck Nosh is here to provide a ton of "Foodie Fun"!

ARGOW Health

A lifestyle medicine practice which is an evidence-based practice that uses lifestyle changes to help prevent or reverse chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.


We are a Santa Clarita based design & development firm here to help your local business. We specialize in branding and web design to create a strong base for business growth. We are ran by creative professionals, fueled by coffee & tea.