Sacramento, CA

AppA11y, Inc

AppA11y is an independent game studio with the goal of linking visually impaired and non-visually impaired communities through fun and exciting social mobile games.

Safezone Network

SafeZone Network is a consumer-focused cyber security, IoT, and analytics company. Our mission is to improve the performance and security of home networks.

253 Media

253 Media is a digital advertising agency dedicated to helping business increase their return on their digital advertising budgets. 253 Media primarily works with companies that sell large items such as vehicles, solar systems, and real estate.


CySure offers a SaaS Cloud solution that helps business owners address the problem of both cyber-security and regulatory compliance with the minimum of time, money and effort.


Unique on-demand sports content library with video chat & interactive features allowing sports fans and enthusiasts the opportunity to relive their greatest sports memories.

EDGE Leadership

EDGE Leadership is a leadership consulting firm committed to curating genius leaders and cutting-edge teams that innovate the solutions to tomorrow's problems.