Sacramento, CA

Lease On Love

We Support Individuals and couples with difficult questions that inevitably come up in relationships. Should I stay or should I go? Am I ready for love again? is this the one for me? Key to this is our revolutionary Lease Option Contract for Love.


Xclr8 is a disruptive technology think tank focusing on simplifying complex problems with elegant easy to consume and distribute solutions.

Happy Neighborhood Project

We are a registry of Happy Businesses. Business members pledged to: 1. Provide great customer service 2. Encourage a positive work environment. Consumers pledged "no public shaming". We mitigate any disputes. Let’s Build A Happier World!


VitalAid began at the Womens Global Start-up. We are software developers, designers, project managers, medical -- committed to developing and marketing a small wearable device to monitor and capture vital signs for health and well-being.

We are developing a portable horse monitoring system that use artificial intelligence to assist in 24 hour monitoring.

DiaMonTech GmbH

DiaMonTech has developed a medical device that non-invasively measures your blood glucose without finger pricking, a drop of blood, or a test strip. Simply relax your fingertip on the sensor and wait 5 to 15 seconds, that's it.


We’ve created a Smart Community Builder that arranges workplace events, helps build a community, gathers data, and learns to improve over time. Work transforms into a place where the best give it their all and employees never want to leave.