Sacramento, CA


Fantag is a platform that allows fans at live events to collect, relive and share their favorite moments from every angle capturing the action.


Ryzeo was spun off from StreamSend in 2017. We help online retailers grow revenues by converting windows buyers to shoppers.

HoopMaps Inc

Location intelligence company that plans to revolutionize the way people interact with pickup sports. HoopMaps is a mobile app that allows users to search and join pick up games around them.

Barb AI

Barb is a conversational AI real estate agent for home buyers. Using the most powerful commercially available conversational AI platforms, Barb provides buyers with a custom tailored experience unavailable to most home buyers today.

Kili Summit Corporation

Kili Summit Corporation is a launching pad for bright ideas that start with a patient's experience. We started with a product developed by a cancer patient. The device safely suspends heavy medical drains after surgery & accelerates recovery time.