Sacramento, CA

Meeting Location:
CoWo Campus
1507 21st St
Sacramento, CA 95811


CreditVida is a mobile and web platform that streamlines the way companies and individuals’ access credit data.


- SAAS service to help businesses accelerate innovation by using a platform and processes to create software and apps up to 10X faster. - license this technology to other companies with SAAS offerings

Meeting Location:
2572 21st Street
Sacramento, CA 95818

ByteFrost Inc.

ByteFrost gamifies egifts to make them fun and memorable.

Egeria Corporation

Egeria is on a mission to facilitate the efficient and wise deployment of public funds by reducing barriers to access and increasing accountability.

Meeting Location:
Hunt Boyer Mansion
604 2nd Street
Davis, CA 95616

Computer Integration Services

CIS is a 25 year young company that has been consulting for small businesses in the SF BAy area for many years. We have developed a new technological idea to revolutionize the Law Enforcement Chain of Evidence from crime scene to court.

Tellus Title Company

At Tellus Title Company we have designed a new approach to real estate utilizing Blockchain technology. We believe the Industry will benefit from blockchain which will reduce title insurance premiums by 30%, saving U.S. consumers 4 Billion per year.

Inventopia Real Estate

Inventopia Real Estate is a for-profit real estate investment being formed to purchase a building in Downtown davis, and serve as Inventopia's (non-profit's) Landlord.