Springfield, MO

SGF Urban (an initiative of Schweitzer United Methodist Church)

We're here to push the conversation away from poverty alleviation and towards restoration. We do this through conversation that connects, celebrates, equips, and (re)ignite dreams of those who love Springfield, its urban landscape and people.


Jessie Schwartz Studio is a local art studio, known for its Chromatic POP pieces. Chromatic POP was created by Jessie Schwartz in 2015. Each paintings subject is a POP ICON from music, sports,movies, arts, and history.

Illumine Collect

Illumine is an apparel brand rooted in the adventure and action sports lifestyle. Our designs, messaging and contents purpose is to inspire others to find their own adventure on foot, bike or board.

37 North Expeditions

Guiding company that aims to make it simple and convenient for people to explore the Ozarks in a social setting through diverse outdoor adventures.

Quest Hunt Co

Quest Hunt Co is revolutionizing the whitetail deer hunting industry. The industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, however it has no competitive outlet for hunters to get involved and show off their skills.


Plotline is a nonprofit 501(c)3 Film & Media school whose mission is to educate & empower aspiring film and media creators through classes, camps and community events. Basically, we teach people how to make movies! Check us out at plotlinefilm.org