Springfield, MO

Rosette Studios

Rosette Studios is an Art experience that offers Products, Gallery, Scheduled Classes, Anytime Art Classes, Vinyl Decals, and Henna.

Wonder Wieners

Wonder Wieners is a Seattle-Style gourmet hotdog restaurant and the first bar located inside Battlefield Mall. We have 8 Wonder Wieners on menu served with our speciality flavored cream cheeses, jams and jellies. The full bar includes 8 beers on tap.

My Practical Psychologist

I am a clinical psychologist attempting to expand my scope of practice. I have created a website, started a blog and published a book titled "Approaching Life With Confidence: Defeat Depression and Anxiety By Taking Charge of Your Mind."

Punching Tornadoes

Much like the movie “Twister” which featured a storm chaser that had a goal of putting a probe in a tornado to deploy air born sensors. To add another tool for tornado prediction and further saving lives from these fascinatingly terrible disasters.


LyticTail is a Non-Profit, Digital Economy Platform, that will offer businesses tax breaks through their sales, applicable discounts for their customers, and supply partner charities with 90% of all revenue that is generated through the platform.

Ozark Angels

Ozark Angels is an open angel investment organization based in Springfield, Missouri started in November 2017. Curating the regions best startup and seed stage investments and presenting them through its quarterly live events and newsletter.