Springfield, MO


ECRI is a device that allows you to change settings on vehicles using a smartphone or tablet.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions

Nightlight is a licensed and accredited non-profit adoption agency. We provide free and professional pregnancy counseling services on parenting and adoption options. We also provide domestic, international and embryo adoption services.


I love helping hotels get healthy. I am a lodging consultant who specializes in revenue management - pricing rooms based on demand. Often this looks like a weekly strategizing and coaching meeting either in-person or over the phone.

The Wholesome Bud Company

The Wholesome Bud Company is a Springfield founded startup seeking to cultivate, manufacture, and dispense high quality medical cannabis here in Springfield. Our mission statement is to be Missouri's most trusted source for medical cannabis.


Commercial 3D/XR Media Production Company


Notification system designed to allow emergency personnel and first responders to access information such as emergency contact info, chronic medical conditions, medications and dosages, allergies and any other information quickly during an emergency.