Springfield, MO


Fundi is a new enterprise focusing on the creation, development, marketing and sales of problem solving products. At our core we are a family business with creative ideas we want to bring to market to solve common problems.

Focus on the 5

5%ers out-of-the-box thinkers, Entrepreneurs, Early adopters, Disruptors, Founders, Visionaries, Inventors & Risk Takers. We believe 5% of the population have this in their DNA. That’s why they start companies, invent things and change the World.


Time has a way of making your siding, deck and concrete take on an aged, worn look. Let our highly trained house wash specialists bring your house back to life.

a hip joint

We are a hip unique style clinic that offers chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture services. You can pay as you go or become a Hippie. A hippie is a patient that becomes a member. The membership is a one year easy commitment.


Awaken360 is a nonprofit, faith-based day treatment center whose mission is to restore hope and empower families through therapy, education, and community.

Girls Clothing Hut

Online retailer and wholesaler of children's boutique clothing and accessories.