Springfield, MO

Current Organizers

LaDonna Greiner

Motivational coach & speaker. Founder: Project Gratitude & 21 Reasons to Say Thank You series providing the tools and practical guidance to help people discover the power of gratitude in their lives and act on it.

Sterling Huff

Thirty plus years in business as an executive in banking and manufacturing. Experience in private equity and other entrepreneurial pursuits.

Jessica Kelly

Jessica Kelly is a graphic and web designer working freelance and fractionally with businesses out of Denver and Reno. She is also the podcast host of "For the Love of Improv." She has a son and a daughter that attend Wilder elementary and, being relatively new to Springfield is looking to build her network in Springfield and meet new friends.

Heather Noggle

Heather Noggle is the founder of Codistac and also an original software developer and one of the owners of Global Wizard. She works as an export compliance data expert as well as a master data integration consultant. When Heather is not building Codistac and Global Wizard, she stays busy as a church trumpet player, professional geek speak translator, cancer survivor support enthusiast, wife, and mother of two growing boys. In 1994 she graduated from Southwest Missouri State University, now known as Missouri State, with a BS in Communication Management and a minor in music. In 2000, Heather applied for a software engineering position that was supposed to last three months, but time and opportunity found it to be a 20-year position. She grew alongside the company, working on its software and processes until she had the opportunity to purchase Exits, Inc. in 2017. Heather and one of her colleagues, Jayme Untiedt, rose to the occasion, finalizing the purchase in 2018, thus beginning the journey of promoting and growing the expanded Global Wizard software and services. Never one to shy away from adversity, a trait she learned from her mother, Heather chooses to invoke her creative problem-solving skills to conquer any challenge interesting enough to require complex creative thought. Her Scrabble best is 487, which means she has mastered and deploys all of the approved two-letter words. She manages her business one challenge at a time, investing the time and energy to make Global Wizard a common name among global trade professionals. Nickname? Datahead.

Tim Friel

Small Business Banker with The Bank of Missouri. Was in Retail Finance/Banking for 20+ years and thrive to assist in the Small Business Community.