St. Paul, MN


IntroverTravels designs life-changing travel experiences for curious introverts.

NOJ - No Ordinary Journey

NOJ manufacturers apparel accessories for motorcycle and other powersports and outdoor sports industries such as ATV, Snowmobile, Jetski/aquatic, skiing. All of our products are made in Minnesota (USA).


AngryData helps customers understand their data, so the data can be used to to drive business decisions.

MJSTI Corporation

MJSTI demonstrated a patent pending selective, safe and low cost carp pesticide. The first goal is the bighead and "jumping" silver "Asian" carps (BSC). $200,000+ is needed to commercialize the formulation. Tyler Prince is designing my web page.


Keyosei is a health and wellness app. At a high-level concept, Keyosei is workout-sharing for the fitness industry. This app provides a matchmaking service to find compatible workout partners willing to share their own personal workout session

Bra Bridge

The new to market, patent pending Bra Bridge is a bra accessory that reduces excess bouncing, sagging, and side spillage. It's a clip that pulls the bra cups in giving a slimmer look. There is no other product on the market like it.