St. Paul, MN

Joe Knopp Sales

Chemical free fertilizer company, focusing on food and forage production. Landscapes, lawns, golf courses and natural insect control

Halo Ramp Company LLC

Halo Ramp are portable ramps designed with a pivot to allow maneuverability, user convenience, maximum safety, and ultimate transport innovation all in one portable delivery ramp. Halo Ramp can be used with out without pivoting. Halo Ramp is a d...

Round Table Hops

Round Table Hops uses innovative hydroponic greenhouse technology to grow hops year round, right here in Minnesota. The first of it's kind, our greenhouse can meet the varying demands of brewers with a 'co-created' growing schedule.

Infiniti-Blue, Inc.

We collect Blue Wrap waste sterilization wrapper material from hospitals, pelletize it, and recycle/repurpose it into other viable medical patient plastic items for them to purchase back.


FishDonkey has a mobile app that enables you to run fishing tournaments on your phone. We provide online registration, fish authentication, live leaderboards, and a free website to promote your event.