St. Paul, MN

Omnia Fishing

Omnia Fishing is changing the way anglers buy fishing tackle and gear online using a shop-by-lake concept. Omnia uses machine learning techniques to present relevant products for specific lakes and a personal shopping experience for each angler.

Hello Mom

We are a directory for new parents to find birth, lactation, and postpartum service providers as they navigate the transition of becoming parents for the first, second or fifth time.


Horto-Logic has developed an innovative device, using post-consumer waste, that enables irrigation and nutrition of plants with extremely small amounts of water and fertilizer, while greatly boosting survival rates and promoting sustainable growth.

Morari Medical

We are applying for the InBIA 1MC meeting in Minneapolis: Morari‚Äč designs and develops a medical device based treatment for premature ejaculation (PE) with a goal of restoring confidence in male sexual health.

Startup Space, LLC

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs who built an online incubator (sandbox) to help startups and entrepreneurs in their quest to bring their dreams to life. We believe that no one should have to build their business alone.