St. Paul, MN

Homecooked, Inc.

Homecooked is a social dining platform enabling people to book dinner events at the homes of local chefs. Events are organized based on the social profile cards of the guest list, which prioritize shared interests in the event feed.

Guardian Athletics, LLC

Guardian Athletics, LLC is a Minnesota based company which began under the name of Kato Collar, Inc. in 2008. Kato Collar, our flagship product began shipping in April and focuses on deceleration of the brain after the initial impact of the hit.

Vetiver Solutions

We make sustainable farming profitable for Haitian farmers, in both the short- and long-term. We incentivize farmers to plant vetiver, an erosion-preventing grass, around their crops. We then purchase vetiver shoots and process them into yarn.

Catch Your Dream Consulting

Catch Your Dream Consulting brings together the best of success and social justice through consulting, motivation speaking, workshops, trainings and Events. Our mission is centered around racial equity supporting people to create positive change

So do it! Society.

So, do it! is The So, do it Society: a subscription-based online community and the So do it! Salons: small in-person groups led by a Salonniere. 13 week sessions starting in Sept, Jan, May. Supported by a series of workshops, online courses & talks.


Financial engineering, block chain ecosystems, agriculture risk management