St. Paul, MN

Bus Stop Mamas, LLC

BSM connects stay-at-home moms with work that meets them within the lifecycle of their child(ren). BSM has a two pronged strategy: 9 to 3 movement and workforce engagement program. BSM supports people making people for a healthy economy.

Cultivate International

We exist to develop & equip leaders to fight poverty & injustices. We work with community leaders across the globe and in our neighborhoods to help them launch & lead projects that address the marginalization of their community.

Soak it Up

Soak it Up provides clever, sustainable greetings and gifts that have a dual purpose as compostable, reusable, cleaning cloths.


We are a localized social media/marketing application targeting a users current location with groups, deals, events and more. Our application encourages users to reach out to people and business around them to create a micro-community.

Beihu Chinese Intitute LLC

BCI is an online Chinese teaching company for adult learners. We are the advocator for Self-study Chinese curriculum, which specializes in Chinese translation in the context of Chinese culture & history. We empower adult students to own Chinese.

GogyUp Inc

Our workplace literacy platform provides on-demand, personalized reading assistance for any document to employees with limited literacy or English proficiency. With GogyUp, businesses lower communication barriers and build the workforce they need.