St. Paul, MN

Fruitful Fertility

Fruitful is a free mentorship service for the 1 in 8 who experience infertility. Fruitful connects those in need of emotional support on their fertility journey with individuals who have been through it firsthand and are now on the other side.


A peer-to-peer boat rental platform that allows boat owners the ability to rent out their boats to earn supplemental income and offset the costs of ownership. We also provide easy and hassle-free access to boating for those that do not own a boat.

Secret Mom Brigade: The Dress That Matters

We are a do-good, social-media driven dress company. - Profits go to women's charities - WOM referrals earn customers discounts - The design is crazy functional (think pockets) & comfortable (especially for those of us who have had a couple kids!)

Curly Girlz Candy, LLC

At Curly Girlz Candy we create gourmet, handcrafted candy that is sugar-free and tastes as good as, or even better than their sugary counterparts. We create candy that you would never know was sugar-free if we hadn’t just told you.

4D Fit | Exercise your mind.

Fitness is more than physical; it’s about being your best, doing your best, and making the most of the life you have. 4D Fit℠ offers innovative workshops and training sessions focused on mental fitness, because success begins with how we think.