St. Paul, MN

Current Organizers


Lily is the Director of Customer Experience at Startup Space and works with diverse startups to promote inclusive access to resources and tools. In addition she is a Co-Facilitator with CO.STARTERS & a supporter of Forge North.

Bailey Johnson

My work aims to provide opportunities for people to explore their passions. By breaking barriers, challenging norms, and opening doors, the work I do provides exposure to opportunities to make an impact.

Barry White

I am a videomaker serving small and medium sized businesses here in MN. Currently I am helping the One Million Cups community by filming the One Million Cups St Paul business pitches at the Glen Nelson Center.

Tana Gygi

Tana is the owner of Irene + Mae Marketing, a social media marketing company. Her specialities include social media marketing, content creation, graphic design, and branding.