St. Petersburg, FL

QPD Panel

QPD Panel is the most comprehensive, peer-reviewed, mental and behavioral health diagnostic app available to clinicians. QPD Panel tests for 12 mental/behavioral traits and does not disrupt patient flow. QPD Panel is profitable with reference sites.

International Touring Apps, LLC dba Tourme

We are Tourme, an app and web-based platform that connects users with local guides for private, customizable tours. We have been in development for about 2 years, building the app and website from the ground up, and are currently ready for launch.

Me v PMDD, Inc.

Founded in 2017 by a mother-daughter duo, Me v PMDD, Inc. is the company behind the Me v PMDD Symptom Tracker app geared to help women with PMDD take back control over their cycles, their symptoms, themselves.

Line Of Vision (LOV)

Inspired by 80's contemporary and 90's street wear fashion.

Suncoast Compost

We provide curbside composting for residents, businesses, and events.

PopUp Business School

The PopUp Business School teaches people in underserved communities how to start businesses without spending money. We “PopUp” and run a two-week intensive course. We want to democratize business so that anyone can make money doing what they love!