Tampa, FL


NeuroApplied is the “brain-hacking” web game that gives voice to digital native’s unexpressed feelings about brands and their communication. NeuroApplied analyzes both conscious and subconscious perceptions - without the use of any special equipment.


Similar to the concept of carpooling, Lunchpool is an app that is transforming the way companies think about their daily lunch break. Our app pairs up lunchgoers in either planned or random lunchpools. Our goal is to make lunches meaningful again.

Overcome the Barrier, Inc

Language learning platform that enables peer-to-peer one-on-one classes, eliminates cost of teaching, while provides personalized content for faster learning, ensures teacher efficacy, and helps sustains motivation throughout the whole course.

Startup Space, LLC

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs who built an online incubator (sandbox) to help startups and entrepreneurs in their quest to bring their dreams to life. We believe that no one should have to build their business alone.

SGN Corp.

A product company that designed an interconnecting ballistic shield as a method of protection against gun violence and prevention for mass casualty using the thinnest and most lightweight material in the industry.