Tampa, FL

Truvincio, LLC

Truvincio helps customers get and keep more money, while removing the loaded gun of info security from their heads, at a price they can’t afford not to pay. Our SaaS, subscription service replicates the consulting engagement it replaces.


ServiceHerd, clears the clutter with a Modern Day Yellow Pages. Join. Share. Earn

Plane It Safe

Plane It Safe is a Health & Wellness company and inventors of the TSK - Travel Safety Kit.


Making art is a form of human expression and is for ALL people. Our mission is to help those who do not have access get it. We take to the streets, tools and supplies in hand, in order to bring the art-making experience to the people, ALL people.

Confident Me Health Care Centers

We offer a new medical device FDA approved last year to treat urinary incontinence non invasively it has a 95% success rate.

Language Investigations and Technology, LLC

Language Investigations and Technology is a company specialized in Linguistics and its connection to an extensive range of human behavior and activities.

Risepreneur, Inc

Risepreneur is a course, a community and a coaching program that teaches high schoolers business skills and life skills. All delivered online and paid for with a low monthly membership fee.