Tampa, FL

21 Vision Entertainment LLC (Yaku's Play Center)

The Company will operate a family entertainment center consisting of interactive games, party rooms, and fast food under one roof. Focusing on serving families with young children, planing seasonal events and more bringing a unique fun experience.


is a collective vision of North Americans and Kenyans who want to make a difference through community outreach, support women, youth empowerment through programs and educational scholarships, spread health education, and mental stop trafficking,


CROOW (said, crew) is a creative collaboration software that allows remote teams to have centralized access to their assets and projects.The workspaces keep teams organized and in synch while working on marketing projects.

Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics Center (AMRoC) Fab Lab

AMRoC Fab Lab is a social enterprise of the nonprofit Foundation for Community Driven Innovation (FCDI), dedicated to capacity building, empowerment through creative self-expression and bridging the manufacturing and industry talent gap.


LeapCaller is an All-in-One communication platform, streamlining all of your calls, texts, and emails into one centralized pipeline. We pride ourselves in the commitment to provide each client with personalized, one-one training when they signup.

Line Call LLC

The app that tells tennis players when the ball bounced out. - Start the app - Mount your phone on the tennis net's post facing one side of the court - The phone's flash turns on for a few seconds when the tennis ball is out!