Tampa, FL

Dognia Group

DG was founded in the Tampa Bay area. The Dognia Group helps indie films that deal with hot topics find funding by adding equity investors into their films.


We are a podcast launching in June that explains nerd culture to non nerds. Our nerdEXPERT will try to explain nerd culture to someone who knows nothing about the space. We aim to bridge the communication gap in families with nerds.


Say offers event organizers an innovative tool to make their event successful - offer engagement, gamification, and effective networking features, using Say smart tag with an HD screen, that integrates with existing event apps.


Peer to peer service that allows people to connect with others who have similar fitness interests. We are a facilitator of the connection.

Lange's Alternative Energy

I secured the patent for subatomic nuclear fusion, a geothermal chilled water purifying power generating apparatus. The device replaces the hvac equipment hot water tank, water purifier and electric comp. Unit runs green and independent.

Jeffrey Shaw LLC

Jeffrey Shaw, host of Creative Warriors podcast and author of the bestselling book, LINGO, offers business coaching, marketing consulting and professional speaking for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Full Stack Talent

We are a technology staffing agency in Tampa, FL. Our goal is to place the right candidates with the right companies - and to keep it local.