Jason Madden

Fort Worth, TX

Owner of MaddLogic. I live in Fort Worth and have created software and technology to bring value to businesses and business owners. Unfortunately, not all companies have the business focus or resources to justify in-house software development or have experience managing software projects with a team of developers. MaddLogic has been purpose-built to help small and medium-sized businesses access custom software built for their unique market positions. Custom software is an enabler for creating custom flows of data that can be managed, automated, and visualized, which frees up the time of business owners, managers and their teams to spend their resources on growing your business. My background gives me the unique opportunity to work with business owners and decision-makers to understand their goals and how to translate that into software solutions that grow their business. I have been developing software for 10 years on various platforms and acted as a software consultant for 5 years.

MaddLogic LLC