Phil Patterson

Cherokee, GA

I am the owner and operator of G & P Group, LLC. I don’t like titles so just consider me the janitor :)I come from a long line of servants. My family has been serving others for 3 generations . Through this i have learned the value of service , community and genuine relationships. I strive to execute that in every business venture I own or are apart of. I worked in corporate America and overseas most of my career. Today I use the positive structure provided through those many years of service to my own companies, employees and clients. I also take all the many negatives I learned during those years and address them, fix them and turn them into powerful culture shifts in our business. I’m motivated, passionate and quick on my feet. I lay in bed thinking about how to execute or solve situations nightly. I love hard. I don’t want anyone to feel that I haven’t acknowledge them, know them and understand them. I transpose that in everything I do. I’m a son, brother, husband , father and friend. I hope that with the time I have left I can create a legacy and heritage for not just my family but a community.