Brooke Beeler

St. Petersburg, FL

My entire career has been about supporting small businesses. Whether I am the woman behind the curtain, the face of a growing company, or coaching a startup - my heart, my passion, and my drive are fueled by entrepreneurs. My encouragement and direction have helped women shift from insecure and directionless to powerful bosses. Operational processes I implemented have helped scale businesses ten fold. Strategic marketing initiatives I shaped have reached the right people for the right growth and make a lasting brand impact. I am both creative and analytical, a fan of both words and numbers, and have the natural ability to craft messaging, solve problems, and connect resources. I have seen how entrepreneurship can change cities, change lives, and create a Sense of Place. I am humbled by the support and dedication and ENERGY of St. Petersburg to propel our small businesses forward. I am so proud to be part of that process in such a phenomenal and innovative city.